Robin Sewlal (ed)


South African media, democracy, ML Sultan Technikon, Technikon Natal, Durban University of Technology (DUT), journalism, Durban Institute of Technology (DUT)


Reflections of the South African Media: 1994-2019 captures in a user-friendly way key areas of the industry. Buoyed by the country’s Constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression, the media underwent widespread transformation, growth and development during this period. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela appreciated and understood the pivotal role of the media. To this end, both the print and electronic media made phenomenal strides in the first 25 years of South Africa’s democracy. The book comprises personal takes of the different dimensions of the country’s media industry from authors based in Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States.

It is a worthy tool for students studying the media at schools, colleges and universities as well as assisting those undertaking research on the media.


  • Introductory pages
    Robin Sewlal
  • Message from the Editor
    Robin Sewlal
  • Foreword
    Jeremy Thompson
  • 1. Pace and tone of commercial radio
    Alex Mthiyane
  • 2. Film as a media platform
    Anant Singh
  • 3. Value of local journalism
    Ashok Ramsarup
  • 4. Sports journalism on the rise
    Avashneee Moodley
  • 5. Helping community radio
    Bill Siemering
  • 6. Connoisseur of the courts
    Chris Marnewick
  • 7. Creating community radio
    David Hotchkiss
  • 8. Caring for the environment
    Desmond D’sa
  • 9. Mahatma Gandhi Media Lecture
    Ela Gandhi
  • 10. Cultivating a culture of consumer rights
    Fakir Hassen
  • 11. Truth and Reconciliation Commission
    Jaimal Anand
  • 12. Television’s fight for survival
    Jeremy Maggs
  • 13. Looking in from afar
    Joe Ritchie
  • 14. Making a case for freedom of expression
    Karthy Govender
  • 15. Capital Radio closes . . . “no, no, no”
    Kenny Maistry
  • 16. A young black writer’s perspective on the publishing landscape
    Khulekani Magubane
  • 17. The left field of a study tour
    Kiru Naidoo
  • 18. An activist’s personal take on media diversity
    Lumko Mtimde
  • 19. Is the media’s coverage of the law sufficient?
    Mapula Sedutla
  • 20. On being a business journalist
    Martin Challenor
  • 21. Development of community television: Growth or stagnancy?
    Mashilo Boloka
  • 22. Is it the content or the cash?
    Mathumo Manaka
  • 23. A perspective on Greater Durban Television
    Mikhail Peppas
  • 24. Attached to the soil: Portraits of South Africans
    Peter Glendinning
  • 25. The relationship between the judiciary and media
    Chief Justice Pius Langa
  • 26. Media’s coverage of the elections
    Ronesh Dhawraj
  • 27. Does print media have a future?
    Ryland Fisher
  • 28. Madiba and the media
    Sello Hatang
  • 29. Snapshot of the SABC
    Selwyn Bartlett
  • 30. Role and impact of the media in politics
    Sibusiso Ngalwa
  • 31. Labour ‘broking’ with the media
    Sizwe Pamla
  • 32. Radiocracy: A pivotal moment for radio, democracy and development
    Steve Ahern
  • 33. Formation of the National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa
    Steve Ahern
  • 34. Journeys in Journalism: Fred Khumalo
    Fred Khumalo
  • 35. Journeys in Journalism: Salma Patel
    Salma Patel
  • 36. Journeys in Journalism: Uveka Rangappa
    Uveka Rangappa
  • 37. Journeys in Journalism: Yogas Nair
    Yogas Nair
  • 38. Journeys in Journalism: Zanele Buthelezi
    Zanele Buthelezi
  • 39. Journeys in Journalism: Zayn Nabbi
    Zayn Nabbi
  • 40. Journeys in Journalism: Zodumo Maphumulo
    Zodumo Maphumulo
  • Back cover
    Robin Sewlal
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