Compleating: Zero Waste Cookbook and Guide


Ashika Naicker


zero waste, cookbook


One-third of the food we purchase is wasted unless used. Throwing out food contributes to climate change through energy usage in production and through emissions from landfill. There are ethical and moral arguments for avoiding waste when food is scarce in many parts of the world.

This book aims to enlighten consumers on managing, storing, and using simple techniques to reduce household food waste to ensure a sustainable food system for future generations. We encourage consumers to start being more mindful of their food waste by following simple daily steps to reduce food waste. This ultimately will have a positive effect on the environment and contribute to decreasing the global carbon footprint and the emission of greenhouse gasses. The
purpose of this book is to show how everyday home-cooked leftovers can be transformed into delicious, tasty meals, reducing the amount of food that goes into the bin and ultimately saving you money and our planet.

Author Biography

Ashika Naicker, DUT

Department of Food and Nutrition Consumer Sciences

Compleating book cover



September 27, 2023